Friday, January 28, 2011

Don't Mess With This Cat!

I love pets, dogs and cats especially. (I would say I like crocodoliles, but I never had any, so I shouldn't speculate :) )
My dog meets me every weekday at the front door with my slippers ready and my cat likes to hide my socks, if she feels a bit jealous for me spending time with my dog Spike outside.
These little creatures bring joy to our lives! I love dogs for their friendliness and self-devotion and attachment to a man. And I love cats for their independence, curiosity and slyness (or should I say, cattiness?). Both often make us laugh. But with cats you should be careful! Don't you dare take something from them or not giving them a treat! And you may end up like this guy. You better bring her a nice treat or you would be caught!

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