Sunday, January 16, 2011

Apology FORM :)

 Ok, everybody make mistakes, everybody has something to apologize for and everybody regret something in this life. But the most important thing is how we can say about our regrets, how to bring this to the people to tell them that "I Was Wrong" or "Please give me a chance to change it"...  You, guys, can ask me, Why im writing about this? Its very SIMPLE !, Because: Once im wrong at home with somebody from my family, i have to choose the right way to tell that person that "I Apologize" And i have to be sure, that that person will forget about my "BAD", and will not be more upset or resentful . So, here is the most important Step, because the person can tell me that he forgive me, but somewhere deep inside he'll still be hurt. For example, im a person who can't accept this type of apology, so i wanna be sure that the method which i choose, will be the right one. Here i found a FORM, in my opinion it's the perfect FORM to tell somebody that im "WRONG". This Form, for sure, will be accepted by the person whom i accidentally offended. So, Print it, make more than one copy, Just in case, and give it to whom you need. :) Believe me, this form will be accepted and you'll be forgiven, plus you'll cheer up that person. Good Luck, but remember, Try not to offend people :)

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