Friday, January 28, 2011

Don't Mess With This Cat!

I love pets, dogs and cats especially. (I would say I like crocodoliles, but I never had any, so I shouldn't speculate :) )
My dog meets me every weekday at the front door with my slippers ready and my cat likes to hide my socks, if she feels a bit jealous for me spending time with my dog Spike outside.
These little creatures bring joy to our lives! I love dogs for their friendliness and self-devotion and attachment to a man. And I love cats for their independence, curiosity and slyness (or should I say, cattiness?). Both often make us laugh. But with cats you should be careful! Don't you dare take something from them or not giving them a treat! And you may end up like this guy. You better bring her a nice treat or you would be caught!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Computer Era and Users

 In our age of computers, IT and internet, a person doesn't really have a choice, but to be a some kind of user. What can I say? Even my Granma is online, chatting with her old and new friends. When I was a kid and came to visit her, she was all over me with hugs, kisses, cookies and hot chocolate. Now when I come to visit her, she waves a hand and says: "go get yourself something, dear" (oh, actually, it's "yaself")and stares back in her Apple. Oh, well...not that I was a huge fan of sloppy kisses, but those were good times... 
For many people computers and internet are a scary stuff. My Mom's been a user for several years now, but I often hear her screaming: "I PRESSED A BUTTON! I pressed SOME button! Oh, what did I do? Whaaaat? Heeelp! Somebody come and help me here!". Her favorite site is HP support... not that she understands all that they suggest there... but it makes her feel more secure, I guess :)
I recently went to buy myself a new lap-top, and I just got lost in all those HP's, Apple's, Dell's, Sony Vaios, Gateways and whatever else they got there. WTH is the big difference between them?... Heh, yeah, I have to admit I'm not an IT professional, a computer genius, or something, I'm an average user... 
So although this dialog here between two friends just cracked me up, I know how it is to be afraid that your buddies would set you lap-top on fire! (especially if they did it before :) ). So watch out for your friends tricks and good luck to you all! :(But mind you, in case you didn't know, CTRL + V is a safe combination!))

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Coffee Mug...

I got a friend, who just can't live without coffee. Well, honestly, I can't imagine my morning without my huge mug of freshly brewed delicious coffee, but in his case, it's not just the morning and not just one mug. He drinks it all day long, once his mug is empty he's in the kitchen for another one. He usually has 3-4 ten-cups coffee pots a day! And that's a lot! 30-40 cups! Isn't that a bit crazy? I don't know how his heart can deal with such amount of cafeine everyday. I rarely see him eating something, usually it's just him, his coffee mug and a lap-top (he works from home).
So when I saw this cool coffee mug, I thought about my friend. I sent him a picture and told him to be prepared to drink from this thing, if he won't cut on his coffee intake. Well it took him couple minutes to try to imagine drinking from THAT thing, and guess what? He put away his coffee mug! ...for a sec... And then he told me, he's gonna search for a similar kind beer glass for me... ewww... oh, well, I tried...

Friday, January 21, 2011

New Hotel In Madrid :)

Madrid, Spain
Remember my previous posts about the eco-city, which will be totaly sustainable, meaning that it will fully support the needs of the community and recycle and reuse everything?  Well, today I read some interesting news about new hotel in Madrid, which is made of recycled materials… sort of… Actually, it’s made of waste… garbage to be exact. Hotel of the debris is installed on a central square of  Madrid.It’s a two-story building made of wood, and “decorated” with trash: plastic drums, wooden frames, musical instruments, torn clothing, tires, books, aluminum, glass and cans, plastic bags, wires, bags, CDs, tapes, broken crockery, broken appliances and much more. These items are secured by foam.
All this rubbish was collected by volunteers at A LOCAL BEACH OR FISHED FROM THE WATER. There are five rooms inside of this "trashy" hotel with torn carpets, furnished by items found on junk yards. And there are also a bio-toilet and a discarded refrigerator.
Now the hotel is home to 10 of the most active volunteers, but tourists can also come inside. The hotel will close on January 23.
The idea of creating the hotel from the garbage belongs to the German conceptual artist Hans Schult. According to him, the main goal of this project is protection of the environment and beaches. They want to show what a typical vacation in Italy will look like unless things change. (Not that I was going to the Europe, but now I definitely don’t wanna see any of it. :) )
 According to organizers, about 15 percent of hotels in Europe can no longer be considered a beach because of the huge amount of accumulated garbage on their territories.
Well, I guess we need to make this hotel a home to everyone, who leaves garbage anywhere but in the trash can. Oh, and I wish I could make my neighbor live there, the one, who likes to throw away stuff on the street.  Although, may be I don’t… His house already looks like a junk, so IDK, may be he will like it there, in a “trashy” hotel :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Collecting money For KARATE LESSONS :)

You know, guys, usually it's not at all funny to see homeless people on the streets, asking for money. The economy was quite crazy lately, many people lost their jobs. Although we need to be honest here, there are some, who just think it's the easy way to earn some good money, because there are many kind-hearted people in this world, who like to help. I feel sad for the people who can't find a job and support their family, but I also would't like to spend the money which I earn working hard on a person who lives better than me (and unfortunately this happens quite often). On the other side, I think it's better to throw away some money by giving them to a scammer, than to keep that money and not help a person, who is desperately in need. Sooo, long story short, idk about you, but I didn't usually give my money to healthy and strong looking guys before that economy collapse.  And now I usualy do...

And this guy on the pic just cracked me up! Creativity and a good sense of humor are great enough to pay him those bucks :) On the other hand, I can't help myself but thinking, what if he REALLY goes to those karate lessons? And the next time we meet, he'll just kick my butt, if I refuse to give my money? Kidding guys! :) But anyways I gave him couple bucks, just in case... ya know? in case we meet again and he regognizes his karate lessons sponsor ;)
Be careful on your way home and stay away from bad guys! Oh, and get yourself some of those karate lessons...just in case :) (and if you don't have enough money for the lessons now you know how to get it, right? ;)) Good luck. :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So, Lets see why This Guy Has Been Stopped By a Police Officer :) Im sure it was a Mistake :)))

We live in a crazy century, everyone seems to be in a hurry, always running somewhere, not noticing what's going on around. A word "deadline" became one of the most popular in our vocabulary. We are afraid of being late, afraid to stop for a second, afraid to take a break... And, hello, depression! I kinda think it was nice back there in old times, those people didn't seem to be in a hurry, you know? They took it slow, and, I guess, were enjoying their lives, cause they had time to look around and see all that beauty... oh, well *sigh*... I got lost in a dream :)
So what about the reality? Told you, we live in crazy times! But no matter how quickly you need to get to the place or how important it is to not to be late, try to take it slower anyway, cause when you are in hurry, you can forget some important things! Often you better go slower to be somewhere on time.  Oh, and try to remember to check that hose at a gas station! Or it would take you longer to explain everything to the police officer! :) So be careful and good luck!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


So you think, you know English, right? Think again! Here's the new way to learn. Even if English is your native language, you would still be able to find out something knew :).  And it's even better for those who struggled for a long time with other learning systems ;) This one tells you how it is :)  And if you are not scared by Samuel L Jackson's face expression, you know- this system is right for you! Honestly, I didn't dare to buy it myself. I just read the Heading and I thought it would start calling me bad words the moment I put the CD in my drive. Kidding :) Although I can't say for sure: you never know, what you can expect from a company, which print: "English, Motherfucker..." in large capital letters. :) Anyways, I hope it's working. It would be great if we can use English everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE in US (I'm not talking about worldwide, it would be too good :) ) and be UNDERSTOOD :)
Oh, and it says: #1 selling, hehe, nice to know what words make a bestseller :) :) :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Just Geography

I don't know about you, guys and gals :) , but when I was at school, Geography wasn't my fave. And, honestly speaking, after I finished school, I didn't learn anything new either ;) (actually I forgot those tiny little geographical facts that I somehow learned :) ) So when I found this "map" I couldn't be happier as I knew I could now become a person, who can say to a girl at our first date: "Hey, did you know, there 44.3 million Internet users in Africa?" And she'll think: "Wow, this guy does know a LOT!"
And I want you to know that I'm not some selfish jerk, who would decide to hide these curious facts from you, the ones, which you could just read and amaze and entertain yourself, or amaze and entertain other people (and this can bring you a bonus sometimes, being well educated isn't bad sometimes ;), ya know?)
So, here are some interesting facts, that you might know already, or know and forgot, or never heard of. "How many years did Nelson Mandela spend in prison? WHaaaat? You didn't know he was in prison? He was! For 27 years! Telling ya, 27!!!! ... Oh, you don't know who's Nelson Mandela... argh, some guy, who spent 27 years in prison in Africa"  GrinGrinGrin

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Apology FORM :)

 Ok, everybody make mistakes, everybody has something to apologize for and everybody regret something in this life. But the most important thing is how we can say about our regrets, how to bring this to the people to tell them that "I Was Wrong" or "Please give me a chance to change it"...  You, guys, can ask me, Why im writing about this? Its very SIMPLE !, Because: Once im wrong at home with somebody from my family, i have to choose the right way to tell that person that "I Apologize" And i have to be sure, that that person will forget about my "BAD", and will not be more upset or resentful . So, here is the most important Step, because the person can tell me that he forgive me, but somewhere deep inside he'll still be hurt. For example, im a person who can't accept this type of apology, so i wanna be sure that the method which i choose, will be the right one. Here i found a FORM, in my opinion it's the perfect FORM to tell somebody that im "WRONG". This Form, for sure, will be accepted by the person whom i accidentally offended. So, Print it, make more than one copy, Just in case, and give it to whom you need. :) Believe me, this form will be accepted and you'll be forgiven, plus you'll cheer up that person. Good Luck, but remember, Try not to offend people :)


I loved the idea of this Eco-City, as I've told you in the previous post, so I decided to share some more pictures of it. The cool feature of this project is that the community's  residents(350,000 ) will be able to choose one of different landscapes: Lifescape, Eco-Valley, Solarscape, Urbanscape, Earthscape, or Windscape, which would be connected by biodiversity Eco-corridors! So each resident will be able to choose surroundings according to his/her tastes. Could you imagine that: one city with 6 different landscapes?! I definitely wanna be living in a place like this!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


 Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the World of future!
Today I've been reading about this unbelievably ausome project of the Tianjin Eco-City which is supposed to be finished in 2020. It's socially harmonious, environmentally friendly fully sustainable and thus resource-conserving, meaning it's ALL GREEN! Look at these pics! Isn't this amazing? I can't even believe in this! A green, really GREEN city with green building, green transportation, using green sources of energy, where people live in harmony with nature and each other! Mmmm.... It's like a distant dream... Sounds a bit too good to be true, honestly, but I hope that this is a dream that will become a reality very soon. So in the nearest 9 years I got a lot of planing and packing to do! Hey, who would refuse to live THAT GREEN! That's  ECO GREEN ! ! !

Friday, January 14, 2011

Another Driver

      I know, there are a lot of comments about women driving, blah, blah, blah... Well, at some point, it's true, there a lot of ladies out there driving us nuts :) And, shouldn't I mention, that our beautiful halves sometimes have a VERY special way to drive? The one which makes some men show their bad sides :) 
      There are many men who are awful drivers, but what they do is just dull and stupid, nobody would like to see this... They don't make those funny tricks. So I wanna thank those ladies who give me a chance to laugh!
      What can I say about the gal on this video? She's special! Personally, I admire her! I doubt that even a professional stunt performer would be able to do this trick! So, just enjoy this! No judging! 

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Today, guys, I want to ask you not to cheat on your spouses. You all know that it's unfair, right? But there is one more thing... just a friendly warning, ya know? Don't cheat, or you may end up like this guy!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yesterday, HOMELESS --- Today, STAR :)

This is my favorite story right know, a story of a miracle that happened on one ordinary day. It's so much like a fairy tale, in which I wouldn't believe if they showed it in a movie, but which gives me such a warm feeling in my heart, cause I know it wasn't a plot of a Hollywood scenarist. No wonder this man was called a Cinderella man :)  God definitely has great plans for this guy. This story reminds me of what a wonderful thing our life is, where anything is possible. I just wish those miracles  happen more often... And I wish you, guys, to be more attentive to people around us, cause you never know :) ... oh, and GOOD LUCK, everyone :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Best Make-Up for The Interview! LOL

This was an interview taken at a Russian factory somewhere. And while this guy at the front is answering some question, watch the guy at the back! I wonder if any single word of this interview was noticed! As for me, I didn't care what this whole thing was about, all I thought was: "how many times did that mud-faced guy fell during these 25 seconds?" . Can you imagine Lary King interviewing someone and having such a personality at the back? Them damn Russians. lol :)

Flooded River Destroys Road In Minutes...

There's  something happening to our climate, didn't you notice? Snow storms here, rain and floods there... Crazy, isn't it? I just want you all, guys, to be careful. And if you see something like that river, please drive however far it takes you but never take risk on a bridge like this one! Good Luck! 

Saturday, January 8, 2011


I've never seen anything like this,  and im SURE that 99.99% of you guys  haven't either :) Thats incredible, FROZEN WAVES.  If i didn't see this clip, i would never believ in this, But now, i want that you can see this "miracle" too :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

PLOW with 2 Horse POWER ...

 A real Gentleman cant refuse a Lady, so this 2 guys are very happy to help this Lady, ANY TIME :) And they have an answer for those people who cant understand why they do this... There answer you can read the back of t-shirt... :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Santa Was Arested

 Another Santa failed his CHRISTMAS MISSION, Moreover he was drunk and still drove the car. You ask why Santa was driving a car instead of SLEIGH???  I can help you with the answer, Santa killed Rudolph... Watch this video for the whole story...


DOG STUCK in WALL, this is not a MADE Picture, Its a real situation, which happened last week in California, somewhere in Los Angeles. He was very curious and inserted his head in the wall, and no way back :) After about an hour, He was free, after Special Animal Service came and took his head out of the wall... :)