Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Best husband care

If you own a bar and dont have enough visitors, business is doing bad, here is a new type of Add, which can help you to do next step in your business and to get a lot of visitors. Good Luck :)   

Saturday, November 27, 2010

First 100 minutes after Election...

President was shocked when he saw what Bush left for him... :) Hope he have enough cigarettes and medicine otherwise our economic will be under fire again :( So, lets help and trust him ! ! !   

Ohhh, again about crisis....

Hope, thats gonna be just funny joke, and we'll never see results from 2008.

Playing video game...

He did exactly what he's mom said, now both of them are happy :) Nothing can be more important than favorite video game. If you like to play to, follow my Games page for funny game.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cancer are comming slowly

You got the option, Waiting for CANCER or Quick death, Another way is to Avoid both first options, and live and enjoy your life by looking on other how they choosing first two options, if you can do some for somebody who chose one of first option, Do not hezitate, help him, open his eyes until it is gonna be too late. By saving him, you'll save your community...

You'll never avoid this :)

Ohhhh, women, they like to control everything, shes very young but she already knows how to make him do what she wants... Thats just instincts, Thats just Reality :) He cant belive now, but later he will realize the truth :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Very frank guy, he share with everybody his own life, the only problems he has now are Drugs, they didnt listen to him and can be indifferent about his life... So, if you got same situation try to make drugs to hear you before you lost everything  !!!

Missing ! ! !

You better not steal anything from this guy, he will put a bad luck on you, so, be very careful if you find his bike :) 

Attention !!!

New Bar Rules, are gonna affect us :) But im gonna visit this location more often if there a lot of ladies looking for a Free Drink :) Hope are gonna bee fun :) 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lets see how fast are you guys :)

Let's see how is your IQ, :)
Ok, i'll help you, here are the RESULTS :)
1 books
2 random
3 pants
4 fork
5 pulse
6 six

 i'm sure you choose exactly this combinations :)  

Sheep on a bike :)

The only thing what i'm think about, is What are people said when saw this SHEEP on a bike :)  

Friday, November 19, 2010

Here we are :) Let's see the reasons :)

So, we have to make a right choice, WOMAN or BEER :) we can talk a lot about this and  bring different opinions, But finally we have to choose only one way :) So, i would recommend to put Women on 1st place, BUT sometimes let's find some time for best friends and a cold Beer and  our favorite game... :) But still these 15 reasons are very attractive  :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Your Financial Institution

That's reality not just a funny picture, after a hot financial summer of 2008, a lot of people from around the world faced the reality, So, next time let's  think twice before leaving school and choosing our Financial Institution :) 
I've never seen the original, but i like this masterpiece even more :)

Some more pictures from Snow World

first i though this was a DRAGON :) but after i realized that it was a chicken with a woman body :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Evrica for smokers :)

This strategy is for those who miss cigarettes and don't believe in LUNG CANCER !!!


No need more to visit your doctor, if you want to know if you're in list of the people with LUNG CANCER , just look at your cigarette after you smoked, and you'll  see everything for free .... :)  P.S. Do Not Smoke, take care about you and your family !

Somewhere in the Snow World

Traveling in this amazing World, from Park to City and from City to another Park, all what you can think at that moment is: that you'll never be there, you can go every year to that place, but never see this snow World ...


If the real building was same color (white), was hard to make difference  


Entire city made of snow, Gust found this amazing pictures and want to share them with you guys, i never saw something like this, a real Castle, Houses, Animals, Birds and People... This is amazing !!!! After i saw all this picture, i realized again that i choose a right name for my Blog: SMART AND FUNNY , Smart - Cause only a real smart people can do something like this, I still cant belive what they did ...
The city of Harbin in north-east China makes the most of its freezing winters by hosting an impressive ice festival. Blocks of ice are carved into sculptures and buildings and lit from within to provide glittering lights of ice.
just look at the size of this head,
Many respects for those masters ...


REAL ESTATE TOPIC : Results of Global Financial Crisis from 2008

New Hollywood STAR, Ready for step on the Red Carpet :)

This meeting was booooooring for PAPA :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

People are different....

People are different, But !!! some of them are VERY DIFFERENT  :)

Welcome to TEXAS :)

If you planing to visit TEXAS, be CAREFUL, by choosing highway line :)))