Tuesday, January 18, 2011


So you think, you know English, right? Think again! Here's the new way to learn. Even if English is your native language, you would still be able to find out something knew :).  And it's even better for those who struggled for a long time with other learning systems ;) This one tells you how it is :)  And if you are not scared by Samuel L Jackson's face expression, you know- this system is right for you! Honestly, I didn't dare to buy it myself. I just read the Heading and I thought it would start calling me bad words the moment I put the CD in my drive. Kidding :) Although I can't say for sure: you never know, what you can expect from a company, which print: "English, Motherfucker..." in large capital letters. :) Anyways, I hope it's working. It would be great if we can use English everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE in US (I'm not talking about worldwide, it would be too good :) ) and be UNDERSTOOD :)
Oh, and it says: #1 selling, hehe, nice to know what words make a bestseller :) :) :)

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