Monday, January 24, 2011

Computer Era and Users

 In our age of computers, IT and internet, a person doesn't really have a choice, but to be a some kind of user. What can I say? Even my Granma is online, chatting with her old and new friends. When I was a kid and came to visit her, she was all over me with hugs, kisses, cookies and hot chocolate. Now when I come to visit her, she waves a hand and says: "go get yourself something, dear" (oh, actually, it's "yaself")and stares back in her Apple. Oh, well...not that I was a huge fan of sloppy kisses, but those were good times... 
For many people computers and internet are a scary stuff. My Mom's been a user for several years now, but I often hear her screaming: "I PRESSED A BUTTON! I pressed SOME button! Oh, what did I do? Whaaaat? Heeelp! Somebody come and help me here!". Her favorite site is HP support... not that she understands all that they suggest there... but it makes her feel more secure, I guess :)
I recently went to buy myself a new lap-top, and I just got lost in all those HP's, Apple's, Dell's, Sony Vaios, Gateways and whatever else they got there. WTH is the big difference between them?... Heh, yeah, I have to admit I'm not an IT professional, a computer genius, or something, I'm an average user... 
So although this dialog here between two friends just cracked me up, I know how it is to be afraid that your buddies would set you lap-top on fire! (especially if they did it before :) ). So watch out for your friends tricks and good luck to you all! :(But mind you, in case you didn't know, CTRL + V is a safe combination!))

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