Friday, December 30, 2011

LeWeb 2011 Live Infographics

The Project: As an official production partner at this year’s highly anticipated LeWeb ’11 Conference, JESS3 attended the conference to contribute what its best known for: beautiful data visualizations. The only catch? These infographics would be created in real-time. With the help of data partners Radian6, the JESS3 team created an infographic for each day of the conference using the topics discussed by the world-renowned panelists in attendance as well as the topics most widely discussed in the social media. Our Methodology: Before attending the conference, JESS3’s Art Director and on-the-ground illustrating correspondent Jim Hollander researched all attendees and panel topics thoroughly to ready some pre-designed assets for the potential infographics. While at the conference, using information curated both for its relevance and ability to be portrayed in a way that told the day’s story at-a-glance, Jim Hollander crafted three data rich infographics that will live far beyond the exciting three-day event.

College Bowl Games – How Much of a Big (Money) Deal Are They?

College Bowl Games – How Much of a Big (Money) Deal Are They?

The Most Expensive Nightclubs

The Most Expensive Nightclubs

A Toast to Champagne

A Toast to Champagne

A Visual Guide to New Year's Resolutions

We start with good intentions but most New Year's Resolutions end in failure. Here's a visual guide to achieving those elusive goals.

Online Shopping in Aruba

Most retailers in Aruba don't offer online shopping. Often, Arubans order online and have products imported. This infograph illustrates what products they order most.

British Wine Consumption Statistics

British Wine Consumption Statistics

London 2012 Olympics

Explore amazing Olympic facts with this London 2012 infographic - all the important 2012 Olympics facts and figures, including sports, Olympic venues and competitors

2012: End of the World?

2012 believers believe that cataclysmic or transformative events will occur in the year 2012. Skeptics, however, do not believe anything significant will happen.

Shining a Light on the New Year

Shining a Light on the New Year

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top Small Business Tweets of 2011

Top Small Business Tweets of 2011 from the influencers, companies and media of #smallbusiness.

ROI: Are You Getting Your Money's Worth from Congress?

Before we spend money on something, what’s the first thing we ask ourselves? What are we getting out of this? Whether it’s a mother buying groceries for her family or an investor buying stocks, it all comes down to return on investment. We should be asking the same thing when it comes to our tax dollars. We spend trillions of dollars funding the government every year, it’s only prudent to step back and consider what we’re getting for it. Our latest infographic takes a crack at this. But rather than breaking down the entire federal government, we examine if we’re getting our money’s worth from Congress.

Profile of American Travelers Overseas

This infographic provides statistical information for American international travelers. It provides information for the number of American who have travelled overseas, how many countries Americans have visited, what they travel for and what they do on their trips.

Comparing Hot Dog and Beer Prices at Baseball Parks

This infographic provides the prices of food and amenities at different major baseball stadium around the U.S. It shows a lists of receipts to breakdown the amount of money you would spend at different stadiums during a game. It also provides data for the total amount spent at baseball games in 2010 and 2011.

The History of New Year's Eve in Times Square

The History of New Year's Eve in Times Square

Six Years and a Thousand Students

This infographic is based on a survey on youth on education taken from students at Stanford University. The infographic provides data for the number of students in the U.S. Then it provides the results of the survey based on finding out what students study, what influences them, and what they think about the education system.

The Timber Trade

This infographic provides information for the top 5 countries exporting wood and the countries consuming the wood. It implies the ecological repercussions for the this lucrative business and exploiting forests.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Couchsurfing, catching the wave of sharing

Couchsurfing is all about sharing. Experiences, culture, chats and games are in the mix and it's not just a way of cheap travelling or free accommodation as some have mistakenly portraited it. Lower travelling expenses are just a collateral consequence but not the meaning of it. Couchsurfing is a new way of travelling and also a way of living and understanding the world. This is my infographic about that

2010-2011 NHL Fantasy Draft Who to Avoid

This infographic provides information for the players to avoid drafting during Fantasy NHL. They list the the players that missed games or got injured during the 2010-2011 season adn their list of injuries or issues in order to inform Fantasy NHL players to avoid drafting them so that they don't ruin their lineup.

Inbound Marketing Rising

This infographic provides a list that compares the style of inbound marketing to that of outbound marketing. It shows how the rise of inbound marketing has began since the advent of the internet and therefore outbound marketing is slowly declining. It also explains how inbound marketing works and tips on how to establish successful inbound marketing projects.

Life Summed Up

This infographic provides statistical data to show how much people eat in their lifetime, how much they drive, how much they sleep, and how many hours they spend doing other daily activities.

iPhone-BlackBerry-Android-Users :)

Find Yoursell in This Picture :)

Priorities of the Human Species

This infographic provides information for the cost of continuing SETI. It puts the cost in perspective by showing the cost in comparison to other programs. Finally it shows through visual analysis how the cost of the U.S defense budget is the majority of spending in the U.S.

Competitiveness Of US Small Business

Small business with less than 100 employees represent 99% of all employers. Here we take a look at how significant small businesses are on a state-by-state basis.

Personal Pies

This infographic provides an audit of Craig Robinson's life from September 1970- March 2007.

Comparison of Major Diagramming Software

Comparing Microsoft Office Visio, SmartDraw, creately, OmniGraffle and Gliffy..

5 Scientifically Proven Ways to Get More Followers

This infographic provides tips on 5 significant ways to get more followers on social media accounts. Tips include: not exclusively talking about yourself and not being negative.

Spankin' New Logos of 2011

Take a journey and discover the 2011 logo redesigns of top brands. Get inspired! 

QuickStart Guide to Social Media for Business

This infographic provides a step by step guide on how to start and develop a social media campaign for businesses. Tips include how to establish goals, find your market and brand your business using social media.

The Shocking Statistics Behind World CO2 Emissions

This infographic provides information for how much CO2 we emit globally every year through modes of transportation and the foods we eat. It also lists the worlds worst and best countries for amount of CO2 they emitted in 2009.

How To: Mineralized Soil Substrate

This infographic provides step by step directions on how to mineralize soil substrate in an aquarium.

Google's Long History of Forays into Social Media

This infographic provides a timeline with a brief description of each time that Google attempted to grow it's social media market by company acquisition, social media app creation, and through deals with social media sites.

Spidvids History and Community Accomplishments

This infographic gives a brief overview of SpidVid over a course of a year. It shows the number of videos uploaded and the popularity of the site.

Explosion in Central Oslo

Explosion in Central Oslo

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

NHL 2011 AllStar Game

This infographic provides information about the 2011 NHL All Star Game. It shows data about scores, shots, and assits for each game during the all star season. It also shows what the roster is and the goals per game per period.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are an Economic Fail

This is not the season for extravagant gifts, and the idea that such things will stimulate the economy may only make you more broke. Our new infographic explores why holiday shopping isn’t doing the trick as well as new gift ideas for a down economy.

All About Social Media Monitoring Tools

This infographic provides information abou the different tools out there today that are used to monitor social media sites for businesses. It provides information about who is buying SMM tools, how much it costs and how satisfied users are with them. It also lists the best SMM programs and divides the best ones by cost.

Gender in Higher Higher Ed

Based on the number of graduate degrees awarded by American institutions in 2008, this infographic provides a visual to show the number of degrees awarded to female graduates vs. male graduates, the 8 most female dominated fields, and the ethnic diversity in graduate schools.

The Business of Curbside Cuisine

This infographic was designed with an attempt to show the business side of the food truck industry based on information from food trucks located on 10th and Adler. It shows what elements are important to vendors in the business side of the industry.

That's How Future Works

This humorous infographic shows how people will eat in the future in a way that's easy and fast. The infographic shows that people will come to only buy prepackaged microwavable foods and will stop using pans to cook anything.

Obama's Reading Timeline

This infographic provides a timeline showing every book the president has read since taking office in 2008. It also quotes some of Obama's favorite passages from those books.

What the Tweet?

This infographic provides information for where bloggers and Twitters get the stories that they write and tweet about from. It shows that although blogging and Tweeting are new forms of media the stories that people post are from forms of old school media such as the newspaper. This infographic shows where the stories come from and what kind of stories are being blogged and Tweeted.

The History Of Barbeque

This infographic provides information for the history of the barbeque. It explains where the origins of the word are from and it also shows how and what people are barbecuing today.

Seeking Refuge a Glance at Refugees Worldwide

This infographic provides information about refugees worldwide, refugees are people who have fled their home country because of war, famine, or natural disasters and are living in other countries waiting to go home. This infographic provides information about the number of refugees by country of origin, total number of refugees in the world, the number of refugees per USD of GDP, per square kilometer and per 1,000 inhabitants in several countries.

A History of Twisters in America

This infographic provides information about tornadoes in America. First it provides a map that shows how many tornadoes have hit and in which states. Then it provides statistics for the top deadliest and most damaging tornadoes. Finally it provides a brief description and pictures to show how a tornado forms and develops.

The 5 Levels Of Inception

This infographic, based on the movie "Inception", shows the 5 levels of inception by each character, who dreamed it, who goes there, why are they there, and the kick.

Insult Kit From Shakespeare :)

Insult Kit From Shakespeare :)

Husband Store

Husband Store

The History of the Bat Suit

Bat Suit History

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas History Tradition

Across the world, Christmas is celebrated in a multitude of rich and cherished traditions. Their origins are wonderfully varied, emerging out of cultures and beliefs throughout history. This illustrated timeline, brought to you by Balsam Hill, captures the flow of some of the most popular Christmas traditions and figures and traces their simple lineage from St. Nicholas’ humble beginnings to today.