Friday, January 21, 2011

New Hotel In Madrid :)

Madrid, Spain
Remember my previous posts about the eco-city, which will be totaly sustainable, meaning that it will fully support the needs of the community and recycle and reuse everything?  Well, today I read some interesting news about new hotel in Madrid, which is made of recycled materials… sort of… Actually, it’s made of waste… garbage to be exact. Hotel of the debris is installed on a central square of  Madrid.It’s a two-story building made of wood, and “decorated” with trash: plastic drums, wooden frames, musical instruments, torn clothing, tires, books, aluminum, glass and cans, plastic bags, wires, bags, CDs, tapes, broken crockery, broken appliances and much more. These items are secured by foam.
All this rubbish was collected by volunteers at A LOCAL BEACH OR FISHED FROM THE WATER. There are five rooms inside of this "trashy" hotel with torn carpets, furnished by items found on junk yards. And there are also a bio-toilet and a discarded refrigerator.
Now the hotel is home to 10 of the most active volunteers, but tourists can also come inside. The hotel will close on January 23.
The idea of creating the hotel from the garbage belongs to the German conceptual artist Hans Schult. According to him, the main goal of this project is protection of the environment and beaches. They want to show what a typical vacation in Italy will look like unless things change. (Not that I was going to the Europe, but now I definitely don’t wanna see any of it. :) )
 According to organizers, about 15 percent of hotels in Europe can no longer be considered a beach because of the huge amount of accumulated garbage on their territories.
Well, I guess we need to make this hotel a home to everyone, who leaves garbage anywhere but in the trash can. Oh, and I wish I could make my neighbor live there, the one, who likes to throw away stuff on the street.  Although, may be I don’t… His house already looks like a junk, so IDK, may be he will like it there, in a “trashy” hotel :)

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