Thursday, January 20, 2011

Collecting money For KARATE LESSONS :)

You know, guys, usually it's not at all funny to see homeless people on the streets, asking for money. The economy was quite crazy lately, many people lost their jobs. Although we need to be honest here, there are some, who just think it's the easy way to earn some good money, because there are many kind-hearted people in this world, who like to help. I feel sad for the people who can't find a job and support their family, but I also would't like to spend the money which I earn working hard on a person who lives better than me (and unfortunately this happens quite often). On the other side, I think it's better to throw away some money by giving them to a scammer, than to keep that money and not help a person, who is desperately in need. Sooo, long story short, idk about you, but I didn't usually give my money to healthy and strong looking guys before that economy collapse.  And now I usualy do...

And this guy on the pic just cracked me up! Creativity and a good sense of humor are great enough to pay him those bucks :) On the other hand, I can't help myself but thinking, what if he REALLY goes to those karate lessons? And the next time we meet, he'll just kick my butt, if I refuse to give my money? Kidding guys! :) But anyways I gave him couple bucks, just in case... ya know? in case we meet again and he regognizes his karate lessons sponsor ;)
Be careful on your way home and stay away from bad guys! Oh, and get yourself some of those karate lessons...just in case :) (and if you don't have enough money for the lessons now you know how to get it, right? ;)) Good luck. :)

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