Thursday, February 3, 2011

A New Bestseller Book

Finally our men's dream came true! A genius guy named Dr. Alan Francis has written a book on "everything men know about women, based on years of research and interviews with thousands of men from all walks of life, he presents the most complete picture ever revealed of men's knowledge of their opposite sex. Fiercely frank and brilliantly insightful, this work spells out everything men know about such topics as:
-making friends with women
-romancing women
-achieving emotional intimacy with women
-making commitments to women
-satisfying women in bed"
So now we can learn all this precious information from one tiny book! Oh, wait.... Oh, nooooo!... Apparently I'm not the only guy, who knows nothing about "achieving emotional intimacy with women"... *cry*
Can you believe that someone actually sold over a million copies of a blank book? I guess women loved the opportunity to point out to their men how miserable they are thinking they know something about "most complex of all creatures".  No wonder, this book has actually been "written" by a woman!
Oh, well, I guess our beautiful halves just want us to try harder to please them!
So if, dear ladies, you are not pleased with your men and presents they gave you for Christmas, you now know what to give them for Valentine's Day! :)

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