Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Male Brain (in women's opinion)

I bet my female readers would love this one! Not that I agree with this pic, but men can definitely drive a vehicle with manual transmission so much better than most women do! But what's with that lame excuses gland? Ha? When I say that I was late because I had to take my neighbor's dog to a doc because he asked me to do this for him, it's not some lame excuse! I really mean it! (well, it's not the whole truth, I actually was begging him to allow  me to his fur baby to a veterinary clinic instead of meeting your parents, but it was just a small meaningless detail, nothing to mention about, right?)... And all those huge "sex" areas? Do you really think it's all about sex in men's head? Gosh! You really hurt my feelings right now! SO, please, just bring me that remote now, they're showing Alba tonight! And football! And no, I never heard you telling me I needed to buy some groceries today! It just never happened!

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